Erica +Joe

Erica and Joe's wedding took place at one of my favorite places; northern Michigan. Their special day started at Brengman Brother's Winery for the ceremony and the celebrations were held at Visions at Centerpointe. We also made a stop at Hoplot Brewery for some unique photographs in their hop garden. I've been friends with Joe since high school and it was such a great time being part of his and Erica’s wedding day and doing their wedding photography. Seeing a bunch of familiar faces in the wedding party and guests made it even better. Congratulations to Erica and Joe!

Sarah + Ryan

I spent an hour with Sarah and Ryan at the beautiful Law Quad for their engagement photography. We were able to capture some of the vibrant fall colors before they disappeared for the year. Sarah and Ryan were an amazing couple to work with even though it was a bit chilly outside. I’m really looking forward to doing their wedding photography for them in 2017!

Terry + Emily

It was an honor to document a good friend's wedding this past weekend. I've known Terry since middle school and it was great to be part of his special day and also see a bunch of the guys from high school. It was a perfect day filled with emotions, great music including a live performance from Day In Day Out, and delicious BBQ. I'm super happy for Terry and Emily!